Sight Unseen Dance Fitness

Clear, simplified movement to fun, upbeat rhythms makes for a winning, sweat-inducing cardio workout every time.

Flex and Stretch Chair

Soft, soothing music accompanies deep muscle stretching while seated in a chair (or on the floor) to improve flexibility and movement, and prevent injury.

Belly Dance Fitness

This centuries-old dance movement has enjoyed such a long history because of its undeniable appeal along with its clear strengthening effects on the core and mid-section.

Chair Fitness with Fitness Tools

Take a seat—include a few key fitness tools such as light hand weights, bands, and/or fitness balls—and combine with fun music to enjoy this surprisingly effective cardio workout.

Pro Boxing Fit

Fitness this program instructs in boxing’s rhythmic movements while incorporating various strength and conditioning training to make for a complete workout.


Focuses on improving flexibility, Core Strength (lower back, hip, and abdominal muscles) and body awareness.

DWF Boost Camp

This challenging yet safe seven (7) week workout regimen says goodbye to run-of-the-mill workout routines and hello to exciting movement to achieve real fitness and nutritional goals.


Virtual and On Demand Fitness Classes

Gain access to new and favorite fitness programs around the clock to accommodate any schedule.






Nutritional 411

Receive key insights and tips on your diet’s calorie and nutrient content to promote healthy eating.


Blood Type-Based Customized Meal Plans

Learn what foods are most complementary to your blood type to assist with weight loss, energy renewal and overall health improvement.


Wellness Fair Planning and Organization

Share invaluable health and nutrition information with members of your company or organization with your very own on-site health and wellness fair. Angel Eyes is available to guide, assist, plan and coordinate an event tailor-made for you.

On Demand Nutrition Audio and Video

Click your way to informative nutritional tips and guides at your convenience.

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